Burgan Securities At A Glance


2001 marked the year when our company, which until then provided brokerage services in ISE equity market, as well as corporate finance services, as Istanbul Menkul Degerler A.S., was acquired by the Egyptian investment company HC Securities and Investment Egypt, whereafter it continued its operations as HC Istanbul.

2005 was the year when Eurobank EFG Group, a leading financial institution in Greece, acquired HC İstanbul, which henceforth carried on with its operations under the name EFG Istanbul.

2012 The month of December in 2012 saw a second change in ownership for our company, which, having embarked on its journey as HC İstanbul, acquired the title Burgan Securities, as a member of Burgan Group, one of the leading financial institutions of Kuwait.

Burgan Securities, one of Turkey' s prominent institutions active in the fields of brokerage, corporate finance and asset management in Turkish capital markets, is a financial intermediary that caters today to the entirety of the domestic / international, retail / institutional investor spectrum.

While our transaction volume within the past 5 years has reached around US$7 billion in the realm of corporate finance, we are advancing steadfastly towards the ambitious targets we have set in portfolio management and fund management.