Financial Advisory

Our Financial Advisory Unit, which aims to assess domestic and international events in a timely and comprehensive manner, draws up its strategies analysing global economies, market dynamics, and developments.

In this framework, our advisory unit produces short-, medium- and long-term investment resommendations for various financial instruments, offering financial advisory to help investors manage their assets in an optimal manner to suit their needs.

Designated investment strategies are consistently conveyed to clients through effective and timely reports, while bank and investment sales channels are supported by teleconferences and strategy meetings.

    Financial Advisory Committee Members:
  • Yasin Demir, Burgan Securities Inc. - Deputy General Manager - Retail Sales, Derivatives and Treasury
  • Nergis Kasabalı Bayraktar, Burgan Securities - Deputy General Manager - Research
  • Doruk Ergun , Burgan Asset Management Inc. - CEO
  • Berna Özdemir, Burgan Asset Management Inc. - CIO

We strongly recommend that you refer to the following reports, which draw on the vast know-how and experience of our Financial Advisory team, prior to making your investment decisions:

  • Perspective
  • News Flash
  • Trade