Human Resources

Recruiting staff that would add value to our institution and espouse our inherent company values lies at the heart of our human resources perspective. We strive to contribute to the personal and professional progress of each and every staff member, and to enhance their welfare, whilst fostering a cordial and supportive working environment.

We recruit our staff from among ambitious, success-oriented candidates, and empower our employees with the support they need to achieve their goals as members of our company.

Our Performance Evaluation System, which is based on openness, objectivity, and feedback received throughout the year, paves the way for a process whereby personal and institutional goals are aligned; employees are able to shape their careers and meet their aspirations; and can draw up their action plans to this effect.

To enhance our employees' technical credentials, we provide them with the opportunity to participate in seminars both at home and abroad, while our managers are also offered programmes that would improve their leadership capabilities and contribute to their personal development.

As with all our endeavours, we strive to make a difference with our social activities and the working environment we provide, while offering competitive remuneration and fringe benefit packages, to make it possible for our employees to raise their living standards.

We acknowledge and truly embrace the notion that "A Happy Employee Is A Happy Client".