Portfolio Management

What is Discretionary Portfolio Management?

Discretionary Portfolio Management entails the management of individual and institutional investors' portfolios by professional portfolio managers, in line with investors' risk profiles and return expectations, within a specific period of time.

Portfolio Management at Burgan Securities:

Asset Management team comprises experts with a capital markets experience of 10 years on average.

Confidentiality is a basic tenet of our Portfolio Management services.

In the initial stage of our Portfolio Management services, our investment advisors cooperate with you to determine your requirements, risk profile, return expectations, and investment period.

In the second stage, our portfolio managers devise an investment strategy that suits your specific requirements and apply it to your portfolio.

A performance evaluation report based on a specified benchmark is prepared and sent to you at the desired frequency.


Benchmarks are indices or investment products indicating investors' return targets. The performances of portfolios are compared with the returns of these indices. Examples of benchmarks are ISE Equity indices, TKYD (Turkish Institutional Investment Managers' Association) www.tkyd.org.tr, bond and repo indices, TRY- and FX- denominated time deposits.